'Aesthetics and Politics' is a cross-disciplinary research forum located at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University.

The group’s main object is the investigation and discussion of the way in which modern aesthetic practices and theories interact with the field of politics in a broad sense. The group’s activities focus on questions such as the following: How can art instigate, shape or criticize political practices? How can art help us understand the minor and major changes characteristic of modern and contemporary social and political life? How can aesthetic theory conceptually and historically grasp developments in the relations between aesthetics and politics?

The group holds regular meetings, organize workshops, international seminars and student courses, as well as prepare publications. Each semester, the activities of the group are centered on a particular subject, case or concept, such as “Universality”, “Utopias” or “Modern ruins”. See “Projects” for further information on current and future activities.


Monday 28 Nov.: Workshop on the aesthetics and politics of industrial ruins in contemporary Europe - Manchester and/in the prose of W.G. Sebald as a case



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